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Visit our Medical Education Hubs

Here within our Medical Education Hubs you can find videos, presentations and resources containing insights from leading experts. You can also register for upcoming events and view content from past events.

Act on PAH

A medical education website where you can learn more about pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).

Exchange Hub

A resource hub for healthcare professionals within Dermatology.

Gastro Hub

Information and insights for healthcare professionals interested in gastroenterology.

Haematology Hub

A medical education platform providing you with learning resources on the management of haematological malignancies.

Medical Rheumatology

Resources and events for healthcare professionals within Rheumatology.

Multiple Sclerosis

An educational site with a range of learning opportunities and resources, focusing on collaborative and holistic care to optimise MS management for patients.

Neuro Hub

An education space for healthcare professionals within Neuroscience.

Oncology Medical Education

Medical education information and resources for healthcare professionals within Oncology.

PH Hub

Discover the latest insights and data to support Pulmonary Hypertension clinical practice.

Reach 4 Resource

Offers a range of educational material for healthcare professionals providing care to patients with mental health conditions.

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